Company –会社情報– アクロディアの会社情報

history of Acrodea
2004JulyEstablished company in Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo with paid-in capital of 14 million yen.
DecemberVIVID Message, email message enhancement software for mobile handsets, jointly developed with MegaChips.
2005MarchMultimedia-compatible user interface engine VIVID UI developed.
MayRelocated head office to Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
DecemberKorea branch office established in Seoul, Korea.
2006AprilDedicated game development SDK X-FORGE acquired from Fathammer, Ltd., of Finland.
JulyEstablished Finland branch office in Espoo, Finland.
SeptemberVIVID Panorama, panaroma-photo synthesizing software for mobile handsets, jointly developed with Morpho.
OctoberPublic listing on Mothers Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange
2007AprilEstablished local subsidiary Acrodea America, Inc., in California, U.S.A.
JulyEstablished wholly owned subsidiary AMS, Inc., in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
JulyVIVID Movie, video codec software for mobile handsets, jointly developed with Silicon Studio.
AugustRelocated head office to Kami-meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
NovemberVIVID Communicator, slideshow generation software for mobile handsets, jointly developed with MegaChips.
2008JanuaryVIVID Avatar Maker, application software for creation of avatar characters in simple steps, jointly developed with EitaroSoft.
AprilKorea branch office is replaced with establishment of local subsidiary Acrodea Mobile Solution, Inc. (now Acrodea Korea, Inc.)
OctoberE-commerce business operations launch.
 NovemberEmoji Lite, software for automatic insertion of picture fonts to mobile email, developed.
2009FebruaryVIVID UI Suite developed as sophisticated user interface enabler for mobile handsets.
FebruaryVIVID Runtime developed as cross-OS platform for content.
SeptemberMade Nutty, Inc. an equity method affiliate.
DecemberAcrodea Korea, Inc. developed Alive Phone Mate.
2010FebruaryEmoji Lite newly developed Font conversion.
AugustEmoji Lite for Android OS developed.
SeptemberExecution of operational and capital tie-up, private placement with GMO Internet.Utilizing VIVID Runtime, joint development begins on App Market Business.
SeptemberExecution of operational and capital tie-up with Fuetrek.
OctoberRelease of GMO Game Center (Beta), game application market for Android devices, jointly with GMO Internet.
NovemberAndroid smartphone service Kisekae touch launches.
2011MarchExecution of second moving strike warrant agreement for private placement of stock.
JuneJoint venture GMO Game Center, Inc., established together with GMO Internet as smartphone platform business.
JuneMulti-package Installer for Android launches as solution for Android devices.
JuneDRM solution Acrodea Rights Guard marketed as Android device solution.
JulyEurope Branch in Finland is closed.
OctoberPartial assignment of Internet mail order business from Nutty to subsidiary AMS.
2012MayHead office relocated to Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
2013OctoberIssuance of first round of Unsecured Convertible Warrants and third round of Stock Options.
NovemberTransfer of system integration (SI) business of KLab, Inc.
2014JulyDivestiture of all shares in AMS, Inc., engaged in EC Business.
SeptemberBusiness alliance executed with Backendless Corporation (U.S.) regarding mobile BaaS.
SeptemberKorea subsidiary Gimme Corporation launches SNS game platform "gimme the playground" and service where exchanges with popular celebrities are enabled.
NovemberIssuance of new shares in private placement.
NovemberHead office relocated to Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
2015MarchDevelopment of Intercom IoT System.
AugustIssuance of new shares in private placement; fourth to sixth round of stock options.
AugustDivestiture of all shares in Acrodea Korea, Inc, and Gimme Corporation.