About Us

From the President
Junya Tsutsumi, Representative Director and President, Acrodea, Inc.

Amidst the large and sudden market transition from feature phones to smartphones, Acrodea has discharged its core business of developing and supplying middleware to feature phones, and is currently engaged in platform solutions as services for smartphones and content services like social games as the pillars of business operations.

Acrodea as an inherent solutions company has concentrated management resources around its strengths constituting solutions for smartphones in a move to accelerate corporate growth.
Business will advance in the form of service provider instead of software provider like before. We promote the real and certain permeation of services useful in daily living, such as our IoT system for intercom, VOD delivery platform, etc.

We will continue to take on the challenge of bringing the best ideas to reality, further polish our technical capabilities already recognized by our stakeholders, and develop solutions that are distinctive to Acrodea for Japan and the global market and provide service platforms for an enhanced lifestyle to users.