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Acrodea Group Informant Reporting Contact Point

For purposes of practicing fair business management that faithfully complies with the law, Acrodea has established an informant reporting policy and contact point for reports to the company regarding violations of the law in the workplace at Acrodea and the Group’s companies.
Under this policy, an affiliated individual inside or outside the company may initiate a report directly to the reporting contact point of Acrodea, whenever he or she discovers information related to an unlawful act or potentially unlawful act among the business activities of the Acrodea Group. Care is exercised, so that informants do not suffer any detrimental treatment as a consequence of making a report. Acrodea will promptly investigate the evidence associated with any report, and execute corrective measures as necessary.

Reporting Contact Point
1) Reports by email are accepted.
The Report Format that provides the necessary items is available. Use this format as much as possible.
Report Format(Excel)
2) The content of the report is used solely for the investigation, response, and corrective measures, and not used for any other purpose.
3) To protect the privacy of the informant, information such as individual names shall be managed strictly in accordance with the Privacy Statement Such information shall not be used whatsoever, except for the investigation of the report, and for statistics and analysis in a format that cannot identify individuals.
4) There will be absolutely no detrimental treatment of any individual, as a consequence of making a report.
5) Reports that criticize, defame, or slander another individual and reports based on personal complaints or dissatisfaction are not accepted.
6) To the extent possible, the entry of a name and contact method is requested, in order to allow contact and a fair investigation. Anonymous reports are accepted, but it must be understood that limitations may arise in the investigation.