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Management Policy

Acrodea Group Corporate Charter

Corporate Philosophy

Our company name "Acrodea" is a combination of the prefix "acro" that comes from a Greek root "Akros" which refers to pinnacle or highest, and combined it with the English word "idea". The name proclaims our compassion to bring the best technological ideas to life.

Corporate Policy

  1. Development of B-to-B-to-C services.
  2. Focus on service platform businesses with smartphones and social networking.
  3. Establishing Service Platforms with Strong Awareness.
  4. Reinforcement of internal controls and corporate governance.
  5. Reinforcement of organization with an eye toward global markets.

Code of Conduct

  1. We provide well-suited products and services.
  2. We compete fairly in our business dealings.
  3. We provide appropriate corporate information in a timely fashion.
  4. We respect the personality and rights of our fellow employees, and create a cheerful and spirited workplace.
  5. We stand in harmony with international society.
  6. We engage actively in environmental issues.
  7. We attach importance to ties with regional society, and are committed to social contribution.
  8. We do not extend benefits to antisocial forces.
  9. Directors of the company shall take the lead and become role models of this Code of Conduct in their actions, and thoroughly infuse corporate ethics and compliance inside and outside the company.
  10. When any incident in violation of the Code of Conduct arises, the President shall lead the entire organization to resolution of the problem, and place efforts for the thorough elucidation of the causes and for the prevention of recurrences.

Last revised in January 2013