Corporate Policy

1. Delivering Enjoyable Products and Services

Based on superior technology and plentiful experience, we develop enjoyable products, and consistently provide products and services with a high degree of customer satisfaction and reliability.

2. Observing the Law

We always observe the relevant laws, and engage with integrity in corporate business activities, in accordance with company regulations and codes of conduct.

3. Fair and Appropriate Dealings

We engage in fair and appropriate dealings toward all of our business partners, and maintain highly transparent, cooperative relationships. As part of this effort, we exercise sufficient care by not appointing directors and officers that may bring such fairness into question.

4. Managing Confidential Information

We do not use confidential information learned from our business partners for any purpose other than valid business duties. We strictly manage and safeguard confidential information, and are committed to prevent leakage to third parties.

5. Disclosure of Corporate Information

We disclose accurate corporate information appropriately and timely to our stakeholders, who comprise our community of business partners, consumers, shareholders, and investors. We exercise particular care with undisclosed material information, and are committed to preventing insider transactions.

6. Responding to Anti-Social Forces

We maintain a firm attitude against anti-social forces that threaten the order in our society and integrity in corporate activities. We do not extend any economic profit to these anti-social forces.